5 Killer Facts Why The Results Of An Affiliate Marketing Program Depend On Yourself

Affiliate marketing sounds easy but you do need to exercise some caution. You want to avoid the affiliate marketing pitfalls that can ruin your business and worse, have you crawling on your hands and knees back to that boss that now knows how you truly feel.

A great place to start is through the affiliate marketing tutorial program, Tycoon Cashflow. Adam and Derek (Your teachers) are college kids making 6-figure salaries through affiliate marketing. They are super friendly, and offer a lot of helpful advice.

Probably the biggest affiliate marketing company out there is ClickBank. ClickBank sells digital goods such as e-books or videos and they have over 4000 different products you can promote. Some of the products are pretty poor, but some of them sell like hotcakes. You can get up to 70% commission for every item sold and most of them sell from the $20-$100 range. ClickBank has already made over $1 billion in sales for its affiliates so there is definitely good money to be made there. It also takes only a few minutes to sign up and you can start promoting products right away. I highly recommend this Best Affiliate Programs as I have made good money with it before.

Once I drill down far enough, I will take the keywords for the niche that I find and throw them into the Adwords keyword tool that Google has. It will tell me the searches performed by the month on the niche. It will also spit out the related keywords that are typed into Google.

Is the affiliate a one tier or two tier program? A single tier program pays you only for the business you yourself have generated. A two tier program pays you for the business, plus it also pays you a commission on the on the sales generated by any affiliate you sponsor in your program. Some two-tier programs are even paying small fees on each new affiliate you sponsor. More like a recruitment fee.

First, and foremost, pick a program that you actually like and are interested in. Chances are that if you are interested in the product then a lot of others will be too. But your interest, also helps you stick with it for the time it takes to become profitable. Often some affiliates give up on a good product too soon, and don’t give enough time for their marketing efforts to take hold. If you have faith in your product and see it through to the end, then I promise that your patience will be rewarded.

Affiliate marketing is different. You can make money online at home working in a real industry with real business relationships and contacts. And because all of the marketing is done online, the only non-virtual business equipment you need is a computer. You can keep your home clutter free!

The only sure way you’re going to make your first $5 online is to jump right in and follow the lessons that you’re being shown. Affiliate marketing isn’t really that hard once you understand how it works. However, you can’t just sit on the sidelines and expect to make progress at it. So, don’t be afraid to take the plunge!

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5 Killer Facts Why The Results Of An Affiliate Marketing Program Depend On Yourself

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